Birthstone jewellery collection

Birthstone Jewellery

Birthstone jewellery is one of the many ways to celebrate precious milestones, either for a loved one or for yourself. As a gift with personal significance, birthstone jewellery gives each wearer a sense of purpose and clarity, with each piece destined to become a forever keepsake.

Let’s learn more about each birthstone’s historical value, as well as its significance in contemporary jewellery collections.

January Birthstone Jewellery - Garnet

Celebrated as January’s birthstone, the garnet most often dazzles with rich reddish brown hues. However, this precious stone is also known to come in a variety of blues, greens and yellows, which is most fortunate if you favour a particular colour over another. With garnet you have choice!

Historically, it was said to be endowed with protective powers; warriors chose it for protection in battle, while healers regarded it as a safeguard against injury, illness or disease. Today, it represents steadfastness, truth and hope, with wearers feeling empowered to manifest their dreams into a desired reality.

Reddish brown garnets are best paired with gold or rose gold to accentuate its inherent warmth, while other colour varieties will look beautiful against white gold or silver.


February Birthstone Jewellery - Amethyst

Radiant with purple tones, it is no wonder that the amethyst was once the jewel set aside for those with royal status. In ancient times, amethyst was valued for its ability to calm and soothe the mind and body. For those born in February, it is said to bring peacefulness, purity of mind, inner strength and boldness.

Amethyst is a gem rich in quartz and may vary in colour. It is not uncommon to find it as a pinkish-mauve through to the more mesmerising deep purple-reds.

A versatile stone, it pairs well with gold, white gold or rose gold.

Aquamarine Jewellery March Birthstone Aquamarine Gemstone Jewellery

March Birthstone Jewellery - Aquamarine

For those fortunate to be born in March, the stunning aquamarine gemstone symbolises eloquent communication, quiet wisdom and tranquillity. Belonging to the beryl family, the name aquamarine derives from the Latin, meaning ‘of the sea’. As you would expect, this stone varies from pale blues to beautiful blue-greens.

As its symbolism is connected to water, aquamarine is widely valued for its calming energy, inspiring the wearer to feel centred and balanced.

The cool beauty of aquamarine looks stunning against white gold settings, but is equally eye-catching when paired with gold for a contrasting look.

Diamond Jewellery for April Birthdays Diamond Birthstone Jewellery

April Birthstone Jewellery - Diamond

April is the month for diamonds! The most coveted gem of all, diamonds have long been prized for their exceeding strength. Its very name in the Greek ‘adamas’ means unbreakable. Forged under extreme pressure, the diamond represents courage and strength, but it also symbolises innocence and a pure pursuit of truth.

The colourless variety are most popular and offer plenty of light to the eye. But diamonds also range in colour from blue, pink, green, yellow and red. Coloured diamonds are rare and can be more valuable than a colourless diamond of the same size. Once believed to have healing powers, today it is an emblem of lasting love and happiness.

Perfectly versatile, this stunning gem is valued for commemorative occasions as well as everyday wear. It marries well with gold, rose gold or white gold for a look of unequalled luxury.

May Birthstone Jewellery - Emerald

For those born in May, the emerald is a symbol of peace and loyalty. The deep and enchanting green of an emerald also represents renewal, tying in well with other connections to love and security. The ancients believed that emeralds had powers to give the blessing of fertility and bring the protection of immortality.

Reputed for its green tones, emeralds can range from light greens through to highly-prized intense blue-greens.

Desired above all by Cleopatra, these sensational gems pair well with either gold or white gold for an opulent look.


June Birthstone Jewellery - Pearl or Alexandrite

Pearls and Alexandrite are the beautiful birthstones for June. For a traditional choice, pearls have long been an emblem for purity and modesty, and those born in June are said to have an intuitive wisdom that serves them well.

Pearls are created by a certain type of mollusc. When a grain of sand happens to get caught in the shell, these molluscs will cover it with layers of calcium carbonate, or mother-of-pearl, leaving a smooth and iridescent solid behind. Natural pearls are the most rare and, as a result, the most expensive. Cultured pearls are pearls that are farmed using pearl oysters or pearl mussels.

Alexandrite is believed to bring the wearer good fortune, and highlights the positives that come from embracing change.

Alexandrite was initially discovered in the Ural Mountains in Russia. Miners working in a well-established emerald mine noticed that some of the gemstones from the day’s haul changed colour in the light, deepening to a rosy red colour. Of course, it was Alexandrite, which is composed of numerous elements that cause it to change from blue-green to ruby red in different lights.

Pearls are prized for their natural lustre, which casts a rainbow-like shimmer. They are best paired with white gold for a stunning look, while Alexandrite will shine against gold or white gold settings.

July Birthstone Jewellery - Ruby

The gem of kings, rubies have long been associated with wealth, grandeur and power. Today, for those with birthdays in July, the ruby represents love and commitment, making it a popular gift to signify romantic love.

When selecting ruby jewellery, you’ll find that the fiery red of these brilliant stones looks best against gold and rose gold settings.


August Birthstone Jewellery - Peridot

August babies are blessed to have the vibrant green of peridot as their birthstone. Though its origins are unclear, peridot has long been associated with wealth and prosperity, as well as protection from evil forces.

Ranging from yellow-greens through to deeper brown-greens, peridot looks best with gold, but can also look stunning as white gold jewellery.

Sapphire Jewellery September Birthstone Sapphire Gemstone Jewellery

September Birthstone Jewellery - Sapphire

Considered as part of a trio of favoured stones, the rich blues of the sapphire are instantly eye-catching and pleasing, contrasting against the remaining sought-after gems of ruby and emerald.

Sapphires symbolise faithfulness, virtue and wholehearted truthfulness, as well as an ability to have a clear mind. Historically, it was valued for giving the wearer the ability to see through the window of time.

Sapphires have a mesmerising depth of colour, which is highlighted beautifully by white gold settings, but gold jewellery is also considered equally as stunning when set with sapphire.

 October: Birthstone Jewellery - Opal

If you are lucky enough to be born in October, you are blessed with the choice of both opal and tourmaline birthstones for this month.

Look into the heart of any opal and you will most likely be captivated by a kaleidoscope of reds, blues, purples and greens. Because of the internal structure of opals, when light passes through the stone it causes an optical effect that makes the colours appear to radiate or glow.

Many ancient cultures believed the gem to hold supernatural powers, but today it is considered a symbol of transformation, confidence and self-respect.

Due to the play of colour within the stone, opals pair beautifully with gold and white gold settings.


October: Birthstone Jewellery - Tourmaline

If you prefer tourmaline, you will still enjoy a wide range of colours from this gemstone. Ranging from black to watermelon to green and rainbow, tourmaline promises the wearer a variety of stones to match your mood.

Tourmaline is said to cover the wearer with the blessings of balance, protection and grounding. Due to an earthy natural appeal and chameleon-like quality, tourmaline looks stunning against gold, rose gold and white gold settings.


November: Birthstone Jewellery - Citrine

For those born in November, the warm amber tones of citrine and yellow topaz are sure to bring a note of cheer to every day. 

Ranging in colour from pale yellow to summery orange, citrine was often referred to as ‘sun stone’ as it was thought to contain the powers of sunlight within. Therefore, this bright and sunny stone is thought to illuminate its wearer with optimism, positivity and happiness.


November: Birthstone Jewellery - Yellow Topaz

Keeping with the nature theme, yellow topaz represents the earth and bountiful harvest, as well as the warmth and comfort of being at home.

Due to the warm undertones of yellow and orange, both these stones are best suited alongside gold settings.

December: Birthstone Jewellery - Tanzanite

If you happen to be born in December, you are blessed to have the choice of two beautiful stones in tanzanite and blue topaz.

Tanzanite, discovered in Tanzania in 1967, is one of the more recent gems to make its way into jewellery collections. It varies in colour from blue to violet and is said to give wearers a refined sense of intuitiveness, as well as provide a soothing and calming effect.


December: Birthstone Jewellery - Blue Topaz

Blue topaz is said to influence the wearer with harmony, good fortune and creative inspiration. In ancient civilisations, the stone was prized for its cooling effect on both the physical and mental states. It was used to soothe burns and irritations as well as calm the mind and temper.

The stunning blues and violets in these stones make them a perfect match for either gold or white gold jewellery.


Regardless of your month of birth, Pontifex Jewellery boasts a wide range of precious jewellery that can help you celebrate the significant milestones of life such as birthdays, anniversaries and everything in between.

You don’t need to be born in a particular month to enjoy the beauty of a certain gemstone. Rather, our birthstone guide is here to enrich your decision-making, to ensure that the gift you give, or receive, is chosen for the right reasons, and treasured with love for many years to come.