Info graphic with a pale gold background to the left is a pink pearl bracelet with a silver clasp and then a strand of white pearls drapped around the front. The Image reads "Caring for your Pearl Jewellery"

Caring for your precious Pearl Jewellery

Jewellery is precious and often sentimental too, so it’s important to look after your precious pieces. Today we are sharing with you tips on how to keep your Pearl Jewellery looking its best. Pearls have been coveted by Royalty and Fashion Icons such as Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn making them a timeless Jewellery piece […]

An info graphic with white background. to the Left is an image of an oval face shape. To the right is the wording "Choosing the right Earrings for your Face Shape Oval"

How to choose the right earrings to compliment your face shape.

Whether your face shape is round, oval or diamond did you know there are different styles of earrings that suit each face shape. Have you ever considered how your face shape may change the way your earrings look on you? The six basic face shapes are Round, Oval, Square, Heart, Long and Diamond. Keep on […]