An info graphic for Citrine the November Birthstone. The wording " Citrine The Birthstone of November". To the Right are 2 heart shaped Citrine Gemstones with a citrine yellow border at the bottom.

Discover your Birthstone – Happy Birthday to those born in November.

Happy birthday to all those lucky to be born in the month of November. Did you know that November has two birthstones? They are Topaz and Citrine.

Citrine is a beautiful yellow variety of Quartz that ranges in colour from pale yellow all the way to a brown/orange colour. While Topaz comes in a variety of colours including Blue, Yellow, Orange & Pink. The rainbow Topaz known as Mystic Topaz is created by coating a colourless Topaz with a thin artificial film.

The word Topaz is said to be derived from the Sanskrit word tapas, meaning ‘Fire’. Topaz is said to bring its wearer many benefits including Strength, long life, beauty, and intelligence.

Blue Topaz is the gemstone to celebrate your fourth Wedding Anniversary.

Topaz is found in a variety of countries and continents including Brazil, Africa, Mexico, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the USA.

Topaz is rated 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness and suitable for everyday wear.  To keep your Topaz jewellery looking their sparkly best, it is recommended that you clean it with warm water and a mild soap. It is best to avoid exposing Topaz to chemicals. Mystic Topaz needs to be careful as buffing and cleaning with any abrasives can remove the coating on the Mystic Topaz.

Citrine is derived from the French word ‘Citron’ meaning Lemon. This November birthstone as been mistaken in history for its November counterpart, Topaz and it is said to have the same powers as Topaz. Citrine is a healing Quartz said to promote motivation, activate creativity ad revitalises your mind. Citrine is also helps to enhance your concentration and helps to release negative traits and balance your emotions.  

Citrine is a very popular gemstone for all those who love the rich sunny yellow tones of a yellow gemstone. Citrine is mined in countries including Brazil, Africa, Africa Spain & USA.

Citrine is a durable gemstone rating 7 on the Mohs Scale of hardness and has a good toughness, making this bright and happy gemstone durable for everyday wear. To keep your Citrine clean and bright it is recommended to clean it with warm water and a mild soap.

Citrine is the gemstone given when celebrating your 13th Wedding Anniversary.

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